Hello Tania!

Always a pleasure catching up. I'm stoked to help you with this project.

Outlined below are the project goals, deliverables and cost.

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We'll craft a dope website that showcases your personality, photography and speaks directly to the type of people you want to work with. We will leverage the power of Instagram and TikTok, to attract your target audience effortlessly through regular, hassle-free posting. Build an offer that positions yourself as a crucial bridge between your clients pain points and their desired outcome. Partner with Emily for tailored social strategy, website development, and ongoing support to confidently reach the $110k milestone by 2025—an investment in your successful future.

Imagine a space that not only showcases your exceptional craftsmanship and dope photography skills but also serves as a seamless guide for your potential clients.

Project Goals


A Killer Website

Designed to represent you and your brand while resonating with your target audience.

Social Strategy

A simple system to help you post regularly and reach a wider audience.

Refining your offer

Serve the people who can pay you what you’re worth

What We're Delivering


Desired Project Completion Dates

1-2 Months

Delivery can depend on your participation and feedback along the way.
Please let me know if you are happy to move forward and I can arrange the detailed Design Services Legal Agreement and the invoice to get the ball rolling.

Let me know if you have any questions via call or email.


Adriano Fiore
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Price Breakdown

to begin project research, development and 1-on-1 strategy meeting


upon approval of mockups



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